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Changing Behaviour:Changing Lives

What is Choose 2 Change?

Choose 2 Change is a service that helps men who want to change the way they behave in their relationships and offers support to their partner during this time.

What do we offer?

We will meet you face to face to talk to you about your behaviour and how we can help you.

We deliver a group programme where you can work with others towards changing your behaviour to improve your relationships.

Who can we work with?

Any man who wants to change his behaviour in his relationships. We can also support your partner to help her understand the work you are doing.

What should you do?

Call 01745 345929 or email  to find out more or arrange to meet with a member of staff to get things started.


Q. What if I have never hit my partner?
A. Many of the men we work with have not been physically violent towards their partner. Domestic abuse covers a range of behaviours.

Q. What if I am no longer in a relationship?
A. You do not need to be. We can help you understand why past relationships may not have worked out and help you to develop positive relationships in the future.

Q. What if I have already tried to change my behaviour and I could not do so?
A. The fact that you have already tried means that you do not want to hurt your partner and family. We can offer the support you need to help you.